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Letter to the editor
Lonely existence for countys Democrats
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Forsyth County News
It’s tough being the only Democrat in Forsyth County.

I voted in Tuesday’s primary. Going through the usual routine, I checked Democrat on the form, proceeded to the next station and handed it over with my driver’s license to the pleasant poll lady, who smiled and gave me the electronic key card.  

However, upon inserting it in the machine, I was surprised to see all Republican candidates come up on the screen. I turned and quietly whispered to the other poll worker that there is a problem here.  

Oh dear, she said. Just hold that button down until it cancels and bring the card back to get it fixed. Seemed easy enough, but when I walked back and told the poll lady that I received the wrong card. She said what do you mean? I leaned forward and whispered, “Should be Democrat.”
“Democrat” she repeated out loud, “let me take a look at your card. Oh yeah, Democrat. We’ll get that taken care of for you. “

At that point, everyone in line was looking at me. One of the fellows leaned over to the lady next to him and it sounded like he said he must be one of them soma-batchin mooslims. No god fearing Christian-American votes for Dema-crits. I just closed my eyes and winced.

I actually go through these uncomfortable events practically every day. Just a few hours earlier, I was overhearing one of my supervisors talking with some coworkers in the next booth. “We got to get someone in there to get rid of that Obama-care. Its going to ruin this country.” “ They got to get our taxes lowered and get rid of them Mexicans.”  “If only we can get Sarah Palin in there in 2012, she would set things right.”

I may not be some elitist genius here, but these are college educated business professionals working in a nationally known company. Their only source of news and world events is Faux News and of course their preacher. They all still have a big W on their vehicles and would have voted Bush in for a third term if they could have. They’re also all convinced this economic calamity is totally Obamas fault.

Yeah right, maybe I’m the lone crazy guy here.

Al Newman