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Letter to the editor
With August heat, school year starts too soon
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Forsyth County News
When I was a child school never started until after Labor Day.

This was so the families had their children to work on the farm in August. Of course this is when the weather is really, really hot. We have had about eight weeks of 90 to 97 degrees with a heat index close to 102 degrees. The children, bus drivers, and teachers are bearing this heat. Can you imagine how hot it is on the buses? Now the Legislature gave permission last year that the school systems can deviate from the 180 day school year.

But our system chose to start another year early. Fulton County got smart and delayed its start until Aug. 23 without impacting the testing schedules — which was accomplished with parental input, and shortening the first semester to 83 days with 94 days of the second semester.

Not only is it hot but the electric bill will be very expensive due to the AC running trying to cool these huge buildings during the first few weeks. Do we really need to start this early?

If the board had to ride these buses six weeks during this heat, (some have air, and the cost to operate with air skyrockets), and then go to class for eight hours in buildings it is almost impossible to cool comfortably, I bet they would change the starting date.

On another subject, trash is a major problem in this county. The roads are full of trash, Ga. 400 looks like a dump due to people throwing fast food boxes, drink cups, and the  tire treads off of trucks. It appears that everyone that smokes empties their ash trays on the ramps of Ga. 400. There should be a heavy fine and/or 90 days in jail for a violation. This would stop most of this if it was enforced. Please do not throw your litter on our roads.

Remember, if things get better with age, then I am approaching magnificent.

God bless and have a great summer.

Sid Barfield