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Letter to the editor
Mentors can do much good for youth
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Forsyth County News
I am grieved with the news of the Ingles robbery and murder. Several of the young men involved in those crimes had spent some time in our school system, and being a mentor I could not help but wonder if one of them had had a mentor could things have turned out differently? Would one life have been changed and this tragedy not happened?

Being a mentor is not a difficult task; the only thing you have to do is take a few minutes each week to talk and listen to a student. Granted, it does take a few times before both of you warm up to the idea, so the first few times can feel awkward. But with time and effort, it can become a very rewarding experience. I have come to believe it is my most important appointment in the week. My students and I mostly just make small talk, although there are times I will get beyond asking about favorite classes, hardest class, sports interest, movies, etc. and ask about what they are passionate about and future plans. These questions throw them the first few times (I always get the answer “sleep” the first time), perhaps no other man has shown any interest in what they are passionate about. Just showing some interest is a big deal in a world that appears to work against them.

The goal of mentoring is to help encourage them to finish school, but for me it is more important that they be all the man or woman that God would have them be - that they walk with integrity, to work with excellence, take pride in themselves and know that people do care.

There is a great need for mentors. I enjoy working with the staff and greatly appreciate the hard work that they do in a challenging environment. One can never know the impact that we have on other people if we only get involved. And maybe events like those that happened last Sunday won’t happen. You may also make a friend for life.

Robert Scott