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Letter to the editor
Crime fighting efforts needed
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Forsyth County News
I just read the unfortunate article about another gun robbery at a local Waffle House. Thank God the employees and patrons are well, unlike the Ingles incident. With all due respect to the daily endangerment our officers willingly place themselves against, maybe it’s about time the direction of the sherriff’s office begins to shift from revenue generation to protecting the county’s citizens against the increasingly violent crimes that seem to be taking place over the past few years. 

Therefore, if you must pull someone over at 1:15 a.m. to let them know their license tag light isn’t working, the other five officers called to the scene can go ahead and continue patrolling their assigned areas to protect the citizens against criminal violence. 

I understand catching criminals costs taxpayer dollars rather than generating revenue, but how does a brand new Mustang or Charger help protect the citizens of Forsyth County? Can the robbers even be transported in those fancy patrol cars? Be safe and thank you for the service.

Phillip C. Hutfilz