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Letter to the editor
$2 million should build a fine library
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Forsyth County News
Re: Post Road library

I find it appalling that we have a $2 million gift, (our’s, the tax payer’s money) yet we could lose this because we failed to act quickly enough.

What bothers me more is the board of commissioners think one subdivision represents one side of this county. This land is already owned by the county (once again, you and I) not the HOA of a subdivision. This HOA does not represent you and I — why would they care about a library when there’s already a CVS and future Kroger a stones throw away? Surely they didn’t think that parcel was for a home when they purchased theirs a year ago, so how dare [Commissioner Charles] Laughinghouse and [Commissioner Jim Harrell] put so much stock in their input.

Now, the budget for the building — $2 million. Maybe we should go back to being more frugal in this county. I don’t think we need imported tile from Italy or granite from South America. With the economy the way it is, money hard to come by, contractors willing to bid lower for the job, we should hire local companies. Also, we don’t need all this fancy stuff.

I can guarantee you one thing, you give me a $2 million budget, of (our money) and I could build you a very nice library. Enough of this wasteful spending.

Mr. Laughinghouse, it would be more than a shell of a building — that’s what you said two million would get us.

Larry Pollard