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Letter to the editor
Money wasted on sheriffs vehicle
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Forsyth County News


I read today’s article about Sheriff Paxton’s buying half a million dollars in new equipment and was blown away! In these tough economic times, after he was already $2 million over budget, to waste money on armored vehicles and command centers is ridiculous and quite frankly an insult to our intelligence. According to the justice department rules in the paper, Paxton can increase his budget and buy equipment (cars) for his guys but is trying to spin his way out of it by saying he can’t supplant (replace) the budget. Ted, do you know the difference in “increase” and “replace?”  I’d hope so as the head of a nearly $40 million department.

As the sole decision maker on this money you have let your deputies down and you should be terribly ashamed of yourself. I believe Paxton’s comments that he cannot buy patrol cars is an out and out lie. Everyone knows Ted has bought dozens of cars for himself and those on his staff that behave. Expensive, top of the line cars and trucks are the norm. Somebody should ask Ted for a copy of all the cars he purchased with this account, including the trim level and cost, since he took office. I’d sure like to see it.

Paxton’s budget has increased each and every year he has been in office when everyone else has suffered cuts and layoffs. His spending has increased by tens of millions of our tax dollars. The sheriff is allowing the hard working cops on the street to suffer so he can stoke his ego. His behavior reminds me of a parent that buys beer, cigarettes and lotto tickets before he buys the baby’s diapers and formula.

As an elected official, Paxton has the authority and responsibility to manage his budget, which he has not done. He uses the media to create panic and fear and uses his HOA Unit to spread propaganda and has been effective at escaping too much scrutiny. Times are different Ted and the taxpayers are watching. Let’s hope you don’t go begging for more money before this year is over.

If you think we are going to sit by and watch you do this, you would be sadly mistaken. If you think we will keep electing you just so you can get a second retirement, you are mistaken.You keep it up and you’ll find yourself watching the jail, serving papers and securing the courthouse while a well run, accountable and service driven county police force is created. I urge you to not laugh this off or allow your huge ego to think it would not happen. It will and you would be wise to either shape up or ship out.
Adam Marris

Suwanee, GA