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Letter to the editor
Irresponsible pet owners at center of problem
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Forsyth County News


Concerning the Forsyth Animal Shelter; it is sad that we even have to have this discussion. Too many animals are allowed to breed, starve or are abandoned by uncaring people in this state. It is sad that both human and animal life is considered so insignificant by humans who have the capacity to control conception but don’t. 

We will always need an animal shelter and unlike the humane society, this animal shelter will have to be a kill facility until human beings become more responsible and respectful of life of all kinds. 

Along with this shelter, we need to enact some strong laws that stress the responsibility of providing care for animals. If anyone abandons or does not provide the basic necessities of life for an animal they should pay a fine. If anyone allows their animal to breed and does not intend to provide a good nurturing life for these new creatures, fine them and put them in jail. 

There are some stupid people out there who think the humane society is thrilled to have their unwanted puppies and pets, whereas, in reality, it breaks the hearts of the humane society volunteers. The humane society will always be there for those in real need who have to give up a family pet due to uncontrolled circumstances, however, there should be no need for a county facility which has to kill to control the unwanted population. Until we can indoctrinate the respect for all life, both animal and human, into the human population, society will be paying a price for these outcasts and killing some.   

Just like irresponsible humans having children for whom they cannot provide, too many humans allow animals to multiply even though they have no possible way or intent to provide for these animals.  This is a crime and should be subject to penalty.

Pam Wood