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Letter to the editor
County cant afford new library now
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Forsyth County News


So officials like the look of the new library planned for Drew Campground and Post Roads. I don’t, and no fiscally responsible person in this county should like it either.

This article states that Forsyth County is getting a $2 million grant from the state of Georgia to help pay for this library. The grant is set to expire soon, so the county is hot to use that money up or, gasp, lose it.

The cost of construction alone is $5.24 million. So where is the rest of the $3.24 million going to come from to complete the construction of the building? No one knows. Where is the money going to come from to run this library? No one knows that either. Perhaps the board chairwoman [Mary Helen] McGruder didn’t get the memo that our three existing libraries had their hours cut.

Forsyth residents can’t walk into a library on Tuesdays until 1 p.m. nowadays. So we don’t have money to finish the building or run it; what is there to like about this project? We want to spend this grant because we don’t want to lose it. This isn’t free money. It is coming from the state. I would bet Georgia is strapped for cash too. As Georgia residents who paid for that $2 million, why should you want to see it wasted on projects that are irresponsible? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love libraries. I would love to see a library built here. However, I know that this county can’t afford it.  County employees have not had raises or cost-of-living adjustments in three years. County workers have also seen an increase in cost of health benefits while seeing benefits decrease. Some have been laid off.  Their 401(k) match has also been cut by 40 percent.

Ms. McGurder, I invite you to address these points and explain why this a “great project for the library and the county.”.I doubt (hope!) you don’t run your personal budget this way. Why would you let the county run this way?

Courtney Windey