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Letter to the editor
County cant afford facilities it builds
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Forsyth County News


We have some great facilities in Forsyth County. But what good does having unused, empty county buildings do for the citizens of Forsyth County?

We just spent a ton of money for a big new addition to the Central Park building and now our commissioners have voted to reduce operating hours substantially (loss of 20 hours during the week and closed Sunday).

Often when I visit, there are 40-60 young people and families playing basketball. This especially happens after school and on Saturdays and Sundays. We need nice places for our young people to spend safe time.

Why build and expand facilities if the citizens are unable to have access to them?

Why build a fourth library now? We could not hire staff for the third library, so the staffs of the first two libraries were divided into three libraries.

Why waste money on getting the county into the golf course business for $12,000,000? Local government golf courses are almost always poorly maintained and lose money because they are forced to charge minimal fees. I hope buying the golf course is a dead issue.

Except for necessary schools, I say no more buildings, no more useless purchases that cannot be staffed until the county revenues increase enough to fully utilize the facilities that already exist.

Dale C. Leonard