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Letter to the editor
Maintain integrity of 'Estate Residential'
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Forsyth County News


As most residents of the county are aware the county is updating the land use plans in their comprehensive plan process at this time.

I represent a large group of stakeholders that live on Howard Road, Jekyll Road, Hampton’s Grant and surrounding areas. There are two different groups within my community, my group are the residents that are staying for the duration in the county and want to preserve the “Estate Residential” area that now gives our community integrity and character.

We are not against development; most of the parcels are agriculture and we are fine with pockets of RES2 being allowed in our community, offering a good blend of the newer homes with the older homes. Most folks are looking for homes of 2,000 square feet or larger so that mix would be great in our community. We are simply opposed to the higher density. We do not want a mess when the other folks move on so we continue with our plight.

Clarification is needed in the article printed in the paper on March 16. It said that infrastructure was in place. Not true. It is about a mile away, and we were told at the meeting this past Monday by a developer on Howard Road that it would cost at least “$1 million” to get it to Howard Road, so I do not call that in place.

Also the article stated that the map should reflect the landowners’ vision for the county. My group’s viewpoint is, yes landowners are important, but so are stakeholders that live in homes and pay taxes also, but do not own land. This should be a fair and balanced process. I am a landowner but I would be offended if I lived in a home and felt like my input was lesser of a impact.

Peggy Pearson and her family (many generations) live side by side on Howard Road, a wonderful family and their vision is to allow growth but keep communities like ours. With the “Estate Residential,” the area is still rural and higher density would destroy the beauty this area offers.

We only have one chance to get this right with this process in place. We simply want our community left with it’s dignity once the other folks move on.

Jo Anne Leach