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Letter to the editor
Land long owned by Mashburn family
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Forsyth County News


A letter published in your July 24, 2011, edition is concerned that the family of Commissioner Pete Amos’ wife may have published “insider information” in obtaining property that the county plans to purchase for a proposed new Courthouse.

An ancestor of Catherine Mashburn Amos first purchased part of that property in 1921, 30 years before she was born, 54 years before she married Pete and 90 years before the county decided to build a courthouse on that location. The rest of the property was purchased in 1936, 75 years ago.

I think these dates are long before any of our county commissioners were born. One or two of the Cumming City Council members may have been children in 1936, but I doubt that they or anyone else at that time, specifically Catherine and my great-uncle Maynard Mashburn, had any idea that in 2011 a new courthouse would be planned anywhere in Cumming.

Martha Mashburn Lappé