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Letter to the editor
Commissioners right to delay map decision
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Forsyth County News

There is much good to say about the power of the people. There is a great deal to be thankful for when we see a government of the people, for the people and by the people. We observed this at the board of commissioners meeting Aug. 4.

We did it! Let me thank you all for your letter writing campaign. We were successful, they voted to delay their finalization of their [redistricting] map selection.

May I quickly add, it was not just we Democrats, the Tea Party also did their fair share and also addressed the board of commissioners.

The motion to postpone a final decision until the public had their input was made by Patrick Bell. My personal observation, it was apparent he was bucking the system and Mr. Tam was not happy, nor was Mr. Amos. Mr. Boff was quick to back him up and defend the joint committee decision to reschedule the town hall due to personal scheduling conflicts of the state representatives.

After some low, heated discussion and every reason the two of them could think of to move on with their plan, the motion to delay finallyl passed 3-2 with Mr. Amos and Mr. Tam voting no.

A point of interest, it was revealed that some of the commissioners had only received the maps to review a week-and-a-half ago, while others seemed privy long enough to be quite familiar, one may even suspect drawing the plans themselves.

The board of education, also present, was in favor of postponing the decision until a Aug. 9 work session to hear the town hall meeting. We need to examine these county districts closely.

Thank you commissioners Bell, Boff, and Levent. We will be remembering you as the commissioners who believe the people’s voice should be heard and taken into consideration.

We will also remember Mr. Amos and Mr. Tam as the commissioners who don’t care what the people think. It appears, they have their own agenda.



Sharon Gunter, chairman

Forsyth County Democratic Party