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Letter to the editor
Recession worse than we're told, hasn't ended
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Forsyth County News


As all of us know, but the government forgot, the recession never ended. They say we are on the verge of another recession, but they do not have a clue how to help us get out of it and put the people back to work.

People are still out of work after three to four years, as you can tell by the number of homes that are being lost.

They tell us that unemployment is about 10 percent, but if the truth was told I bet it would be closer to l8 percent. Some people have given up hope because they just can’t find a job and are just disheartened with the whole process.

Our president and Congress are the worst “do nothing” assembly of men I have ever encountered. All they do is bite at each other, like a bulldog, and never get anything done for the people they represent. Power, money and greed is all they are about and not for right or wrong.

This problem needs to be corrected now as it has gone on for a very long time. Each one of them needs to lose their jobs, benefits and especially their perks. I think that might get their attention so they will be willing to work for the people who elect them.

Next election, my opinion is that we turn them all out of office that is coming up for re-election and put in some fresh faces who will do the will of the people. The people in office now don’t have our well-being as their first priority and never will. They work for special interest organizations, big businesses that will fill their election chest up with money so that they can get re-elected again and again.

It is time we clean this mess up we are in, and we had better start next election. This country is in deep trouble and we need to get off our duffs and let them know we are fed up.

Sid Barfield