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Letter to the editor
Bailout shows need to replace leaders
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Forsyth County News
The past week saw our country take another step closer to socialism with the government bailout plan for private banks and financial institutions, and its planned assumption of their bad debt with the citizen’s tax dollars.

 I took the time to e-mail all of the Senate and House members from Georgia to express my disdain with the pork filled bill passed by the Senate, the House, and signed by the president.  The responses from those who supported the bill all echoed these excerpts taken directly from a reply whose author shall remain nameless.  Who wrote these words is not as important as what was written, and I don’t want any assumptions that I have specific political bias:

“The bill that I voted for is not a bailout. H.R. 1424, “The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act,’ is crafted to address the crisis; restore security for the American taxpayer...” 

Sorry, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.  This bill specifically authorizes the U.S. Government to purchase bad loans from domestic and foreign banks so the banks can get them off their books.  The government becomes the landlord.

 “No new governmen spending. The language is clear — all revenue generated through the repayment of any assets purchased and any sold must be used to pay down the national debt. No money will go to pork projects, new government spending, or liberal groups such as ACORN.” 

This is a flat out lie.  This bill, as it came from the Senate contains — $110 billion in pork programs under the guise of “tax cuts,” including my personal favorite, relief to the manufactures of wooden arrows for use by children.  Sure as it’s written the language does not allow Congress to use repayments on pork (believe pork spending of the re-payments won’t happen at your own peril).  The problem is Congress put the pork in the bill. It is front-end loaded.  It is signed into law.  It’s a done deal.

 You will be told this bill had to include “certain attachments” because that is how business is done in Washington.  That statement alone defines the problem.  This was a moment in history that needed narrow focus on a single issue.

Congress in general and with few exceptions looked at this again as a shopping spree with a stolen credit card.

Republican, Libertarian, Green, or Democrat, conservative, moderate, or liberal, you need to really think before you pull that lever in the booth this year.  This Congress is a disgrace and it needs to be changed.
Scot Wakefield