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Letter to the editor
Central High has a lot to offer
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Forsyth County News


As I read the Sunday editorial [letters] section today — “School rezoning not a good move” and “Students suffer in school rezoning” — I couldn’t help but wish to scream. Our family boasts three graduates and Central High is the best-kept secret in the county!

Then I remembered 2003, the year I came kicking and screaming to Forsyth County, leery of the school system. Once upon a time, I was educated in East Cobb and my children would have attended the historically “best” high school in Georgia. Armed with two degrees in education, dangerously combined with some business experience, I drilled the counselor at Central High.

Confession: I spent the following eight years apologizing to the Central counseling department and continue singing their praises to this day.

Our first child graduated in 2007 and earned a two-thirds scholarship to Mercer University. Our second graduated in 2008, blew the lid off his ACT and earned substantial scholarship funds at Auburn University. During this time, the county rezoned and the “Bulldog” children and their friends demanded that their sister apply to attend Central out of district, which she did. I’m happy to report she was accepted early to UGA and is thriving.

All three children have broad passions. Whether science, mechanical, literary wrestling, weight-lifting, tutoring, visual arts, chorus, band, or faith-based clubs, our children were served in an outstanding way at Central High. It is the best-kept secret in the county.

Parents and students of Forsyth, I promise that if you’ll give it a chance, you’ll discover why it’s such an incredible place. Thank you Central High — this family loves you forever.

Anna Brown