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Letter to the editor
We should elect a man of character
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Forsyth County News
I personally care a lot about the character flaws and crooked personal and professional associations of Barack Obama.

However, many people vote simply based upon on who is going to take less out of their pay check. In that case John McCain is your candidate.

I firmly believe that Obama is going to destroy small business and raise our taxes to the likes we have never seen to fund his agenda to spread out the wealth, not just the wealth of the rich but the wealth of the every day working middle class.  here will be no government program paying my mortgage or car note if I was to fall on hard times.  That is not what I am looking for anyway.  I want a government that takes as little from my family as possible and uses my tax dollars responsibly. I will account for my own spending and saving. That is the American way.

Do not be deceived by the Obama campaign of lies and empty rhetoric. With the Obama-obsessed media, despite a great effort, it is notable that they have been unable to smear and besmirch John McCain. There is no perfect candidate but we should all take heed when handing over the presidency to a man who has voted to raise our taxes at every opportunity he has been given.

We need a leader who can discern right from wrong, who can lead in times of trouble because he has been there.  John McCain has always put his country first and will continue to do so no matter the outcome of this election.

If average Americans do not take a stand and get out the vote in this election, our great nation will be decimated by an Obama administration of crooks he is on record as associating with who are just waiting to get their hands on our tax dollars.  

Ginny Davis