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Letter to the editor
Planning bylaws need ethics rules
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Forsyth County News


Three members of Forsyth County’s Planning Commission (Pam Livesay, Pam Bowman and Matt Murphy) should take special note of the actions of our Georgia attorney general, and a recent Forsyth County News editorial.

These three are responsible for deleting the Georgia and Forsyth County ethics requirements (that were carefully crafted into that document by myself and county attorney Ken Jarrard, esq.) from the Planning Commission’s bylaws exactly one month ago.

I agree with the Forsyth County News that when the complete general assembly, or commission, as in this case, votes on the matter, the presentation of the ethics rules can be purged or altered. This is exactly what happened with the ethics rules for our planning commission. What are they trying to hide? Shame on them.

Joe S. Moses

Planning Commission member