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Letter to the editor
Which 'niche' groups are right ones?
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Forsyth County News


In response to Mr. Jones’s letter in reference to the county supporting “niche activity groups,” it is overly apparent Mr. Jones does not have all the facts. The county did not pay to support these activities. What the county did do is provide space, while the private groups are paying for the items needed to support the activity. I think most real conservatives appreciate those private dollars being invested in public facilities, resulting in all county residents having more amenities funded by people that have chosen to “pay to play.”

Does Mr. Jones’s attitude mean that the county should not fund the library because not everyone likes to sit and read? No more county tennis courts? Mr. Jones would not want the county to provide for baseball players with those beautiful county provided diamonds?

Let’s not forget the expensive artificial turf on the soccer and football fields, the recreation centers, community centers, summer camp programs and the greenway. Oh, and Mr. Jones, do we need to do away with the senior centers that offer activities only for a narrow segment of citizens?  Every one of these activities is provided for a “niche activity group,” right Mr. Jones?

It is that time of year and I suspect Mr. Jones’s letter was politically motivated. One need not look too far to see the name connection to someone that herself has been spiteful and unreasonably critical of certain commissioners — a platform needs to be created I suppose.

Personally I am happy that the commissioners have been resourceful enough to be open to public/private partnerships in order to stretch our tax money as far as possible.

Barbara Abney