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Letter to the editor
Liberal column way off base
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Forsyth County News


I am writing you today with a complaint regarding the piece titled, “Liberals least of college woes.”  I understand that you want to be fair and include articles in your opinion page that are more left-leaning from time to time. 

However, this article was poor at best and doesn’t deserve the space in your paper.  I was going to list the many reasons why the writer is completely wrong, but I will send those to her.  I was just surprised to see such a cheap op-ed in my local paper from a leftist that just wants to bash the Republican front-runners.

Again, I understand you need to have differing opinions in this section of your paper but please choose something that is actually based on some facts ... not articles that are based around, “In the real world, college is cool.” 

I hope you understand my point of view and consider this when choosing your op-eds in the future.

Andrew Harris