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Letter to the editor
Politics at play in Paxton story
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Forsyth County News


I refer to the article by Julie Arrington in the Forsyth County News, Sunday, April 1, titled “911 call for sheriff probed.”

Although I don’t personally “have a dog in this fight,” I totally agree with Sheriff Paxton when he maintains that the publicity afforded to this personal and unfortunate incident is politically motivated.  The fact that he passed out on a doorstep, causing others to seek medical assistance for him, is not necessarily a basis for “in-depth” departmental investigations by the Forsyth County Fire Department (or any other public function for that matter). 

Also, considering the fact that the incident occurred almost three months ago and in light of the upcoming elections for the office of sheriff, it lends credence to the thought that all this publicity might be politically motivated as Sheriff Paxton has suggested.  If so, shame on you for adding fuel to the fire.

Robert Grayson