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Letter to the editor
Ignorance about bees is embarrassing
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Forsyth County News

On April 8, I read the Forsyth Opinion page [letter] titled “Bee Ordinance should be rejected.” The author apparently has no clue about the importance of bees. Every fruit and vegetable we eat exists because bees pollinated the tree, shrub or plant that provided the foods that graced our dinner tables. 

In suburbs, flowering shrubs, trees and flowers depend on the bee for pollination and many people have small gardens for vegetables or flowers to grace their yards. If you don’t want to attract bees to your yard, get rid of flowers, flowering shrubs, trees or flowering vegetables. Eliminate any water sources in your yard.  I doubt that bees are a culprit in lowering property values. 

Bees raised today are not aggressive. They do not fly around looking for someone to sting. Some medical theories are that bee stings help control diabetes and arthritis. I have Type 2 diabetes; my reaction to a bee sting is no more than that of someone without diabetes. A sting hurts, but I’m more concerned by a sting from a wasp or hornet than a bee. There are people who have terrible, adverse reactions to a sting of any kind. Their concerns are real. These people should always be prepared for a sting.

The bee in your yard may have come from a wild bee hive or from a beekeeper’s hive a mile away. The wasp may have come from a nest on your own house. If I am stung by a wasp should I sue someone because the wasp may have come from another’s house and our county commissioners did not outlaw wasps? Is my life in jeopardy because I may be stung by something and our county commissioners did not attempt to legislate it out of existence?

If Forsyth County beekeepers are embarrassed about anything, it is about the ignorance of some of their neighbors. Anyone can file a lawsuit. Any sitting judge would toss a suit about bees out the door faster than a Frisbee at a picnic. 

Ben Parris