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Letter to the editor
Obama support not all about freebies
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Forsyth County News

I read with interest [GOP chairman] Ethan Underwood’s assumptions (FCN story, Nov. 8) about the 54 percent of America who voted for President Obama simply because they want to be on the dole.

Let me tell you something from a very personal perspective.  I have worked since I was 12 years old, with social security deducted from my check. In August of 2011, I left my second career as a loan officer. I resigned due to the economy. The owner of the company advised me that “it was probably a good thing I was leaving; I just cared too much about my clients.”

I am finishing my master’s degree in Public Administration at North Georgia, I have applied for over 1,000 federal, state, county and city positions, and to-date all I have ever received was one rejection notice from the state of Georgia advising me I was notqualified. However, another state interviewed me three times for the exact same position. I did not receive an offer since they promoted from within.

I also received a form letter from a city government that had my first name handwritten and misspelled along with three misspellings in the three paragraph form rejection notice. I think the “HR” person must have had a second grade education.

I have unsuccessfully attempted to obtain a part-time sales position at two local car dealerships; both explained that because I was in school they could not hire me. One even said that I should come back after I finish my degree!

I have never received public assistance in my life time. When I did try for unemployment, I was told that since I left my job of my own accord (never mind I was not making any money) that I did not qualify for unemployment. Of course the fact that I have worked for over 44 years paying into unemployment does not count for anything.

I want a job, I want to support my family, I want to be a contributing member of society and I want to help others.

GOP — Greediest Obsolete and Passionless party and 54 percent of America agrees with me.


Michael Faass