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Letter to the editor
Congress remains a national problem
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Forsyth County News

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and the new year is good to all of you. I have been very troubled with what is going on in our country and have put a few thoughts on paper and hope you agree.

Congress is broke and it is now beyond repair. They have become the worst enemy of our country along with our president. Our conservative and moderate members of Congress should fight the liberals that are destroying this country before it is too late. People have got to understand that the more liberals give you, the more control they have over you, and their purpose is to take away more of our liberties.

Congressional members do not vote for what is good for our country, but vote according to what their leadership tells them to do and what will get them elected to another term to be a career politician. What a shame and disgrace that grown men and woman with their educational backgrounds cannot vote the way they should.

We are presently spending approximately $10.5 billion every day. The deficit is approximately $16 trillion. They do not take care of our veterans as they should and they keep our military in harm’s way by allowing the people we are fighting to protect to kill them with their explosives.

Now, if we want to correct these problems, we need term limits and a spending limit for getting re-elected to office. They have so much money now that no one can hope to win an election against them. Of course that is the way they want it.

Call or write your congressional members ASAP and let them know you do not like the way things are, and that they need to change and vote for the good of our country instead of worrying about the next election.

Sid Barfield