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Letter to the editor
Early abortion cannot be equated to murder
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Forsyth County News

When I read letters like the recent one dictating what God wants, I always wonder if these people listened to any science lesson in school or read anything since.  

Instead of writing their version of what God thinks in the paper, they should be thankful they live in a country that does not dictate the health and welfare of a woman’s body, where women are not stoned to death for wanting to attend school, and do not have to wear robes and head gear covering their entire body.

Abortion is not murder.  It is the removal of cells often after a rape, incest or to save a woman’s life.  It is as different from murder as eating a scrambled egg and thinking it is a chicken.  These cells can be grown in a Petrie dish and implanted in a woman. No intelligent person would equate an early abortion with murder, no matter how many times they quote the Bible.

My advice would be go to church and believe what you want, but keep your foolish statements and beliefs out of the newspaper and other women’s lives.

Nancy Hicks