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Letter to the editor
Letter writer insulted many
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Forsyth County News

To paraphrase writer Nancy Hicks [letters to the editor, 2/3/2013]: When I read letters like the recent one from Nancy Hicks dictating what others should believe, I always wonder if these people listened to any ethicists in this debate or anywhere else, for that matter.

If my reaction is any indication, Ms. Hicks insulted many when she smirkingly wrote that “No intelligent person would equate an early abortion with murder, no matter how many times they quote the Bible.” She further antagonized people with her advice to “go to church and believe what you want, but keep your foolish statements and beliefs out of the newspaper and other women’s lives.”

Foolish beliefs my eye! At eight weeks, a fetus is a fully formed human being. During my lifetime, our laws have always made exceptions for abortion in cases of rape, incest and to preserve the woman’s life. But the on-demand killing of innocents at the alter of birth control and convenience sickens me on several levels, and I do not support the policy.

Ms. Hicks, how I wish you would take your own advice. Respectful communication goes both ways, and you demeaned the belief system of those with whom you disagree. I, for one, have lost patience with your brand of sanctimony.  

Gail Federer