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Letter to the editor
Not all information accepted as accurate
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Forsyth County News

Re: Great Decisions Series

After attending the subject series on “Threat Assessment” on Feb. 7, 2013, I left very disappointed. The speaker, Ms. Armstrong-Williams, mentioned several issues facing America today but failed to completely or accurately explain her explanantions regarding the threats.

Regarding the $16 million national debt, she appeared to simply make light of it and explained it away as necessary due to the dollar being used as the global currency. If that is the case, then why has it only become ridiculous during the last six years.

When discussing global warming, she explained we were behind other countries in addressing the issue because certain reports from researchers 10 years ago had been falsified. She did not explain that the false information is still being issued and this is slowing down legitimate work.

We need to be diligent of information that is given as fact but is actually liberal talking points.

Edgar W. Fite