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Letter to the editor
Zoning vote shows lack of consistency
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Forsyth County News

The Sunday (Feb. 24) FCN front page included a story about Forsyth County commissioners voting  to deny zoning condition changes for Little Mill Station. It was immediately followed, ironically in the same column, by: “Other action” for approval of a “dollar type” retail business at Browns Bridge and Waldrip Road.

This is down the road from Little Mill. The reason for no changes in the 1996 zoning conditions were “enacted to maintain the area’s character and promote quality development.”

While I think this is so important for our area, the decision to approve this business at this location does not meet that criteria at all! This intersection was just recently improved to enhance the area and was done beautifully. Now these homes and churches will be looking at this eyesore from their front and back porches, [have to] deal with light pollution and we will all have to endure the traffic this will bring.

Good job, again, commissioners. This must not be in your “backyard.”

Melanie Madden