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Letter to the editor
Columnist misses conservative point
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Forsyth County News

Tom Crawford is at it again.

A few weeks ago he wrote about Paul Broun and his conservative and Christian views as though they were so bizarre that no one in his right mind could even consider him for high office. I found those views to be mine and enjoyed hearing a man espouse them in public.

In [the March 13] column he rightly pointed out the hypocrisy of former state school superintendent Linda Schrenko. I assume she claimed to represent a God of righteousness and was personally corrupt. Considering the abysmal state of education in Georgia as a whole I would have been interested in her role in that. The fact that she wished to have creation taught as a possible explanation for our origins rather than evolution, and the Bible taught as a history book, which it is, did not make her nuts or corrupt. Her actions made her corrupt.

When those things were taught in school most kids could read and dare I say they actually knew the difference between right and wrong. Maybe I am nuts too.

Ralph Johnston