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Letter to the editor
It's the politicians, not the Republicans
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Forsyth County News

Republican principles are already well defined. They include fidelity to the Constitution, embracing liberty, limited government, low taxes, no debt and financial freedom.

A top-down centralized vision concealed in political messaging will not work. The only way it will work is a bottom-up decentralized vision in full view for others to see and politicians to hear.

The “Republican brand” was tarnished during the Bush years with a radical program of spending, government interference, wars and growth in welfare. Problem is, it wasn’t Republicans in the trenches that destroyed the “Republican brand,” it was the elected politicians in full view of the public eye.

Infighting is actually fighting for principled ideology. Infighting and debate are healthy and should be meted-out fiercely during primaries. There is absolutely no reason for Republicans to unite around candidates that vote unprincipled. For example this year, Georgia’s own unique version of expanded welfare, Senate Bill 24. There is absolutely no excuse for a member of the Republican Party Executive Committee to state; “TSPLOST is a Republican initiative and we need to support it.” There was nothing Republican about TSPLOST, it was pure Democrat. The Republican Party is our party and it is not a life support system for the political class. Likewise, members of the party didn’t elect the Executive Committee to support any particular politician, they voted for that Executive Committee to run their party. Do we want the Republican Party to be the party of welfare? Do we want the Republican Party to be known as the Democrat Party?

We the citizens of this country didn’t vote for 70 percent of spending on “Medicare, welfare, and now mandatory contraception and abortion coverage.” The politicians did that and in many cases Republicans. So, the infighting must continue and we must clean out the politicians that destroy the “Republican brand.” Living in a Republic is hard work.

Bill Evelyn