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Letter to the editor
Put country ahead of party politics
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Forsyth County News
My jaw dropped about 3 inches when I read Harris Blackwood’s article this morning quoting Rep. Nathan Deal.  Mr Deal is quoted as saying, “For the next few weeks, between now and the beginning of the next Congress we’ll be trying to stop whatever they’re trying to do.”  

The “we” being Republican House members and the “they” being  Democrat House members.  This comes right after he is quoted as saying he has no idea what the Democrats’ package looks like.

Is this the kind of closed-minded attitude we want or need from our representative in Congress — someone who says he will oppose any idea put forth by the Democrats before he even knows what it is?  

In these times when our country is facing the most dire economic crisis in most of our lifetimes, do we really want someone who is opposed to even listening to ideas that come from his fellow elected representatives who don’t look, think and act just like he does speaking for us? I think not.

I am sick and tired of people like Mr. Deal who make such devisive remarks and put loyalty to their party ahead of loyalty to our country.

Don Price