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Letter to the editor
Thieves also steal pieces of our lives
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Forsyth County News

My wife drove her car to a lake park yesterday to walk our dog.  She locked her purse in the trunk after locking all the doors. No sooner was she out of sight than one of her windows was smashed in and access was gained to the trunk.

It wasn’t the $150 she lost with her wallet. It wasn’t losing the purse that she loved. It wasn’t the credit cards she had to freeze. It wasn’t the 1.5 hour wait to get a new license. It wasn’t the $300 it will cost to repair her car. No, it wasn’t any of those things that brought her to tears. It was those precious pieces of her life that were taken away from her with little thought and no compassion that broke her down. 

It  was the one last wedding picture of her mom and dad, who she lost to cancer. It was the holy card from her mom’s funeral that she has held close for more than 43 years. It was the very special “GABA” rosary that was given to her by her granddaughters. It was the special pill box, given to her by a loving sister-in-law. It was even her diehard Cub Fan membership card that was more than 35 years old and irreplaceable.

I only wish that these kinds of petty criminals understood what they are really stealing from others when they strike with such selfishness. 


Steve Pankow