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Letter to the editor
Shutdown is a betrayal of the people
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Forsyth County News

The current partial shutdown of our federal government is a betrayal of trust and abuse of office. Our constitution authorizes Congress to reach decisions by voting — not by making the government dysfunctional to extort political concessions when votes don’t go as desired. Such tactics make the nation’s problems worse and effective solutions more elusive.

Congress should not be allowed to neglect its constitutional obligation to pay debts resulting from its appropriation of money spent to fund the laws it approved. This should not be treated as another opportunity for extortion, but as a duty to find ways to help solve this neglected problem — not make it worse with a default.

It is sad to acknowledge this, but Congress has earned my sincere contempt — not my trust. Maybe the answer is not trusting this Congress to do its duty. There may not be an answer until the law requires congressional districts to be drawn without the gerrymandered boundaries that include and exclude selected voting groups.

We don’t need members of Congress who preach values but practice selfishness and deceit. Without integrity, claims of noble values are not valid.


Tony Gardner