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Letter to the editor
Taxpayers paying twice to use park facilities
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Forsyth County News

As I write my check out to the Forsyth County Tax Commissioner, I feel a bit disheartened with what the County Commissioners allowed to happen with taxes that we pay.  Many of the dollars were appropriated to develop county parks for the citizens of Forsyth County, but over the last few months some of the use of these parks has been taken away. 

The use of the tennis courts at Fowler Park were taken from me, my family and the citizens of Forsyth County.  Now you can still use them if you purchase a costly membership and pay accordingly. But that eliminates a lot who don’t have that option. 

Now I can understand if organized teams need to reserve these courts for organized sports, but that isn’t the case here. There are unused open courts where I can no longer walk up and hit some balls with my son. It’s starting with the tennis courts, but don’t be surprised fellow citizens if it moves over to the greenway, the empty soccer fields on a Sunday morning, or the unoccupied baseball field where you want to take your little one to practice some hitting and fielding.  It’s not right! 

And many citizens feel like the commissioners are asking us to pay twice to use our own county park. Don’t take our money, build it and then hand it over to a private company so they can take more of our money for the same thing. I cannot even believe this happened to us here in Forsyth County.  It’s not right!


Andrea Byrne