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Letter to the editor
Santa alive, well in Cumming
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Forsyth County News

Yes there is a Santa Claus and it lives in Cumming, Ga. This is a statement to prove it.

During the time of Katrina’s devastating fury in the Gulf Coast, a group of Cumming missionaries of hope provided compassionate, needed help to many families in my community of Escatawpa, Miss. This group from Cumming are still remembered with gratitude and are known as the Santa helpers from Cumming.                                                                 

They are known as Larry, Tony, Matt, Brian, David, Todd, Michael and Brandon, and all we know is that they live in Cumming. As the season of Thanksgiving is here and the Christmas season around the corner we want you to know as leaders in your community that we give thanks for men and families such as yours in Cumming that are loving and full of compassion for humanity.

This season of Christmas will be another memorable one for us in our Escatawpa community because of the action of the same group.

One of the men in the group was diagnosed with colon cancer, stage four. The doctor’s prognosis was grim for it gave him only two years to live. The rest of the group initiated a fundraising campaign for cancer research. This effort is supported by the families of each member of that group of men. The action of these families have provided for the communities in which they live an opportunity for interaction of each member of their families to reach out to one another in a manner that provides support for each other in every facet of community living.

I encourage you  to find these group of families and find out what motivates them to reach out to their communities with such love and compassion. It may start an epidemic in Cumming that will make a difference in the state, the country and the world. It will give credence to the belief that there is a Santa Claus and it lives in Cumming, Ga.

Thank you all and Merry Christmas.

Ramon Tristani Sr.
Moss Point, Miss.