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Letter to the editor
This county isn't 'conservative'
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Forsyth County News
Just a few short weeks ago, this newspaper reported that Forsyth County was definitely a “conservative” county.  Proof is in.  Forsyth qualifies as conservative.

We voted to borrow and spend one hundred million dollars ($100,000,000) on green space (whatever that is), sight unseen and no questions asked.

What else might we have done.  Our water supply, Lake Lanier, is at an all time low and demand is rising sharply.  Also, the Lake is under the control of the conservative federal government which makes its reliability “iffy” at best.

The county government is experiencing a serious shortfall in revenue.  We have thousands of vacant, improved building lots and dozens of bankrupt builders and developers.  Forclosures are at an all time high and unemployment is increasing.

This puts us in step with the federal government which is trillions of dollars in debt without the foggiest notion of how to reduce it or pay it off.

We must be conservative because the paper said so, but I think we should try harder to get a handle on it.

Mitchell L. Easter