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Letter: Why Democrats should stop bragging
Joe Biden
Joe Biden. -Shutterstock image

I have never seen a column by Froma Harrop before, and hope to never see another one. What a biased and uninformed columnist.

1. She rants about the stock market, saying it benefits few people. It benefits everyone directly or indirectly and helps drive overall spending and hiring by businesses to create jobs. This, in addition, to helping people who have jobs, pay taxes, have savings plans, and think ahead to their eventual retirement.

2. She credits [Joe] Biden for its current success. The success is due to [Donald] Trump’s tax cuts, overall support of business investment, a crash program to develop dual COVID-19 vaccines and have them in distribution and use in under a year. Biden claims credit, saying he did it all, but he had his vaccine shots in December, and over 1.6 million folks had shots the day he was inaugurated as president. Biden did nothing, he benefited from what Trump implemented and had in place before he left office.

3. Have her write a column on Biden’s positive actions so far. Will be a very short column as stopping the pipeline, seeing gas go up 15-20%, opening the borders to anyone and everyone — that taxpayers will pay for in dollars and the spread of COVID, and passing a COVID relief bill that was 70% pork-spending that did nothing to help the people that needed it. These things are the “backward legacy” of three months of Biden.

Thanks for listening, and get some better columnists than Ms. Harrop.

Frank Frederick

Gainesville, Forsyth County