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Next Ga. 400 interchange should be at Shiloh Road
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Forsyth County News

A Shiloh Road/Ga. 400-crossing best deserves implementation of any new interchange at Ga. 400, so why is McGinnis Ferry targeted when state and federal guidelines recommend no more than one exit within one mile of another, and McGinnis Ferry Road crosses within a mile of Windward Parkway, and less than that at McFarland? 

It’s over three miles between Exit 12 (McFarland) and Exit 13 (Hwy. 141). Shiloh Road does cross about center, and an interchange there better serves existing communities and business parks vs. making more concessions at further taxpayer [expense] in accommodation of “future development” that still may never evolve.

Otherwise, why accommodate poorly considered “high density housing” —proposed and existing — immediately adjacent the county line that’s “overdeveloped” in terms of “impervious surface” foisted upon the Big Creek watershed?

Accommodation of misprioritized roadways and infrastructure at taxpayers vs. developers’ expense is a mistake the citizens of Forsyth County have made too many times over the last decade-and-a-half.

“Regionally” state Hwy. 20 should’ve been fixed by now — as well those “arterial collectors” too.

Soon we will be asked to pass yet another “transportation bond,” and those “priorities” overdue for underfunding need expediting, otherwise no way!

“The people” have been placed in the backseat with “business” up front for how “priority” is set when infrastructure improvements are proposed. If you can’t see that, maybe you’re in the trunk?


Jack Gleason