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Road rage, lack of respect worrisome
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Forsyth County News

First of all, I was raised in Cumming, and my husband and I love our county.

With that said, the traffic around the hospital, Hwy. 20, Market Place Boulevard is awful.

I have also experienced road rage with people coming up right on my back bumper, honking and putting up their middle finger to get past me on roads at the square and such in the city of Cumming.

This has been very nerve racking and, frankly, scary as I am not used to this violence. Until these last couple of years, in my 55 years I have never experienced such rage.

People driving are also blocking intersections in town when they know having a driver’s license that this is illegal.

The traffic between Hwy. 369 and Hwy. 20 is terrible. There are signs that say “no thru trucks” over so many pounds.

People driving are not abiding by the laws.

When is the city and the county that I know we all love so very much going to address all the traffic congestion?


Tammy Bird