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Temple not a religious matter
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Forsyth County News

The Hindu Temple situation is not about any religion. It would not matter if it was proposed to be a Baptist Church, a Jewish Synagogue, or a Catholic Cathedral. Both the planning/zoning meeting and the commissioner’s meeting were videotaped. It was very obvious from all who spoke and all who clapped this was not about the dislike of any religion.

It is only about the roads. A narrow, two-lane, curvy road … Pilgrim Point … with four stop signs.

It was brought up at the planning and zoning meeting that 8,000 dump truck loads of dirt will have to be brought into the property … About 60 loads every day … for six months.

The owner of the property, Sumaltha Satoor, intends to file suit against the BOC’s decision. Dr. Satoor, the FCBOC’s sees the absolute problem with having a commercial enterprise in the middle of a residential neighborhood. They also saw it was not about religion, but the havoc it would create on a two-lane road, which cannot be made wider to accommodate all the traffic this commercial enterprise would create for way over 600 homeowners … especially the 109 parking spaces you requested.

Thank goodness for planning and zoning, our commissioners, and especially Laura Semanson. All of whom did a fabulous job of standing up for Forsyth homeowners.

Re-election is in all of their future!

Cathy B. Magarahan