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Thank you Forsyth County Fire Department
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Forsyth County News

I’d like to express my gratitude to the Forsyth County Fire Department.  It is truly a secure feeling to know that they are there any time and only minutes away.  On the morning of June 11, a group of children in our neighborhood found Dusty (my horse) stuck in a creek bed in a pasture. 

After calling our veterinarian, I called the Forsyth County Fire Department. As they were responding, Forsyth County firefighters called the Milton Large Animal Rescue Unit. Forsyth firefighters quickly removed brush and roots trapping Dusty, and took down a portion of fence to allow the rescue unit to help Dusty. The Milton rescue team, aided by the Forsyth County crew, was able to quickly pull him from the creek and help him to stand. 

While their job was so essential and appreciated, it was our fire department that stayed and saw the event to conclusion. These firefighters cheered when Dusty stood up, cleared the area of debris and even rebuilt my fence. They stayed around for the veterinarian assessment, and showed compassion toward the children, adults and my horse.   

I'll never forget Firefighter Redd asking permission to pet Dusty and showing him genuine affection and sincere relief of his rescue. Every member of the squad offered their kind sympathy to our group. The girls in our neighborhood are planning to deliver home baked cookies and take them to the station in appreciation. 

As it turns out, Dusty was suffering from colic which is most likely how he wound up in the creek bed. After a roller coaster hospital surgery on a tumor blocking part of his intestines at the University of Georgia Veterinary Hospital in Athens, it is very likely Dusty will return to his pasture sometime next week.   

He is a "one in a million" horse that has lived a life giving therapy to handicapped children, teaching new riders to giddy-up, and humoring his passengers on beautiful trail rides. Thanks to the Forsyth County Fire Department he will still be around to give even more!

With sincere appreciation and gratitude. 

Shelly Williams