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Zoning request needs to be denied
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Forsyth County News

There is a zoning admendment request #AZ140021 all citizens, especially along Hwy. 141, of Forsyth County need to be aware of. The present site, approximately 4 acres, was approved in 2008 for a car wash, but not built.

The property has been purchased and the new owner wants to build a 32,750-square-foot auto body collision building, 43 bays, and 155 parking/storage spaces at the corner of Hwy. 141 and Stoney Point Road.

The owner wants to maximize the building’s square footage, bays and spaces and has requested the approved landscaping buffer of 50 feet with a 5 foot berm be reduced along Stoney Point Road to 10 feet of landscaping and no berm.

All of us recognize that Hwy. 141 will be developed commercially and Forsyth County had the ability to foresee this by developing and enacted the Peachtree Parkway Overlay and UDC requirements to cover 141 from Ga. 400 east to Johns Creek. This ensures that all commercial property will be developed tastefully and appealing. Anyone who has seen the new RaceTrac and Walmart will agree that both are much better looking and more acceptable than others.

All traffic to exit this collision center will be on Stoney Point, approximately 125-130 feet from the traffic signal at Hwy. 141/Stoney Point.

All traffic exiting the collision center will be Monday through Friday  from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the type of vehicles will be tow trucks, wreckers, tractor trailers, car hauling vans, delivery trucks, etc. All of these are slow, heavy, cumbersome with longer lengths than autos and thus would be inherently more dangerous than an automobile. There are five schools within 2 miles of the collision center.  Everyone should be concerned about mixing these types of vehicles with school and commuter traffic.

How will our county commissioners handle zoning request AZ140021?


James Floyd