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Mike Tasos: Do something nice for someone this Christmas
Mike Tasos

Lots of jobs. Peace here in America. A president who’s got it together and not taking money for what he’s doing. Despite being battered, he speaks to full houses.

Popular. Effective. Patriotic. People, with the exception of a traitorous mob and its followers, believe.

You’re right Nancy, let’s impeach the guy. But you and your pompous cohorts, getting way more than 15 minutes of fame, better beware.

You’ve put yourself on an island. In all your self-righteousness and three-year campaign to overthrow a duly-elected president, you have done irreparable damage to your Democratic cohorts. 

You bring to mind a bunch of sore losers, refusing to accept a loss that happened more than three years ago. Your band of reprobates have been solely focused on canning Donald Trump.

I consider myself politically savvy, someone with an open mind. In my business world, it is imperative that I, and those who are on my team, do their jobs. That should apply to your crowd. 

So where are we with lower prescription prices, immigration and other legislation? It’s unfathomable you guys aren’t worried about a devastating comeuppance next November. 

People in red districts who supported Donald Trump are lying in wait. Your program is a perfect way to tell those who vote: “Your vote doesn’t matter. We’re in charge.”

Look at what your state, once a red state, has become. California is losing people in droves. Forgetting walking around and perhaps stepping in dog droppings. Now there’s a better chance of stepping in human excrement.

I’ve resorted to not watching you and your bunch on a constant barrage. Watching Jerry Nadler catch 40 winks as you try to accomplish your nefarious deed isn’t compelling.

I’m pretty sure what Mom would have said to you: “Nancy, you’re a sourpuss.” She would have been spot on. I can’t recall you smiling. 

Here’s an example of how your liberal friends have made sane folks not even consider moving to California. Try to follow along and pull your hair out.

Recently, a California threesome (man, woman and baby in a stroller) entered a store. They picked up a bike and numerous other items. A wonderful family Christmas shopping excursion. Except…

Our trio neglected to pay for the goods. A store security guard confronted the man, who threatened to do bodily harm to the guard. The police were called and they responded: No police action unless there was a physical altercation outside the store.

How wonderful. Baby in the stroller is on the front line of establishing a new generation of thieves.

Poor Santa. No more lap-sitting and asking him for gifts. Just bypass the jolly one and take the gifts yourself. 

That’s another example why I’m grateful to live here. 

Folks are emulating that “picking clean” activity in our vicinity.

I’ve spoken with several folks who are having a problem with giving trees. They’ve been ravaged and many, with weeks before Christmas, are bare. 

We’re people who are so generous, we’ll give more than our share. It’s so refreshing to hear of all those so committed to helping each other.

Now, as always, we need to be a nation of hope. Pelosi and her crowd are squashing hope and harmony at the most inopportune time of year.

We need a good dose of Christmas. We’re all capable of putting a smile on a stranger’s face. Small acts could make a huge difference between despair being turned into delight.

Do something nice for someone. It will wash away the stink a sourpuss can leave behind. 

You’ve got 16 days and I know you’ll come through.

Mike Tasos’ column is published every other Sunday. In case you can’t tell, he believes Christmas and giving are way more important than those misguided folks trying to overthrow the president. He sure wishes Nancy’s friends would believe that too. Comments can be sent to He is also on Facebook.