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Hank Sullivan: Battle of the Bulge finally over
Hank Sullivan
Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.

How many times did President Donald Trump try to tell you? How many times did I tell you? Over and over Trump told you there was no collusion with Russia. 

Over and over I told you, there was no collusion with Russia, at least not with Trump. That Trump needed nothing from Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton was obvious to anyone who did not hold an overwhelming desire for the opposite to be true. Democrats and Trump-haters simply lost their minds. They wanted this so badly that they were willing to believe the most implausible hoax in American history. How could anyone be so vulnerable?

And so, for all of you who may have been wishing upon hope that Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin, notice who you have been listening to, the Democrats and their dishonest media partners. Assess their credibility now that their, and frankly your former champion, Robert Mueller, declared that after spending millions in tax dollars, after hiring 19 attorneys and 40 FBI agents, after 2,800 subpoenas, after 500 search warrants, and after an equal number of witness interviews, they got nothing whatsoever on Trump or his campaign, no evidence at all. 

This was an illegal investigation of a man in search of a crime, a clear violation of constitutional protections, an attempted coup. So look at those you trusted to tell you the truth, many of whom remain, even today, desperately insisting that Trump colluded with the Russians. How absurd is that? How can you ever trust these people again? And if they were that untrustworthy on this issue, how can they be any more trustworthy on others? 

What we have been witnessing since Trump’s inauguration is the unwinding of the most corrupt, criminal conspiracy in American history. To the extent that you believed any of this, to that same extent you trusted those in the lying media who kept feeding your wants and desires with hope that what they were telling you was true. So what does that tell you about the mainstream media? It tells you to turn it off, and that Trump has been exactly right when he informs you that they are fake news, propagandists.  Get that. So it made you upset that Trump would use such abrupt language to inform you that the people you trusted were lying to you. You disliked Trump for that. But they were lying to you.

 Trump was right. How do you square that in any other way except to recognize that you have been choosing a lie when presented the truth all this time? Truly, friends, well, maybe friends, I’m trying to help you cope with this. One way of doing so is simply to recognize you were fooled by people who worked very hard to fool you. Not your fault. And recognize that the one individual in this who did not try to fool you was our president, Donald Trump.

And if Trump did not try to fool you, if instead Trump always stuck with the truth regardless what they said and did, doesn’t that make Donald Trump someone you might trust?  Well, doesn’t it?  

Look at all they put him through, and Trump held strong, standing on the harsh truth. Trump was right all along. It is time for anyone who has been a Trump enemy to reassess. It is time to get a grip, good friends. You have been lied to over and over.  It is time to reject those kinds of lies and respect that America finally has a president who is willing to tell you the truth.

Now regarding all the Trump supporters out there, I hope you recognize that we have been in a war.  This has been a second war for America’s independence. Or, maybe put it this way, if this were, say, World War II, the election of Barack Obama would have been 1938 Germany.  Obama’s second election, let’s call that Pearl Harbor.  It was then that a previously-silent majority of Americans came to life to try to save America.

Let’s keep going here.  Think of the 2016 election of Donald Trump as the morning of D-Day. At that moment, no one knew how the war would turn out.  The allies had a beach head from which to advance, that was all.  

And what we just experienced leading up to the Mueller report total collapse would be the Battle of the Bulge, and Trump, the impenetrable fortification at Bastogne. If you remember anything about that battle, recall Hitler facing the prospect that he would either lose in a siege of Berlin, or he could attempt one last ditch effort and try to push the allies out to sea. 

So with overpowering tactical force, the Germans advanced Hitler’s Panzer units through the allied line, creating the massive bulge that gave the battle its name. 

For most of a month, it appeared German forces could not be stopped. But then, just like that, it was over. Just like today’s Democrats and their dishonest media partners, Hitler’s armored units simply ran out of gas. Where the advance halted, tank commanders abandoned their equipment and walked peaceably, hands held high, to be arrested by the Americans.

And if you know the story, you also will remember that in the end the American forces freeing Europe would soon discover some of the most horrific crimes against humanity ever perpetrated. That’s where we are today, nearing the bottom of the rabbit hole. 

What the Democrats and their media partners have been protecting will be hard to fathom happening in America. But realize, it did.

Hank Sullivan is a Forsyth County resident, businessman, author and speaker on American history, economics and geopolitics.