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Ode to College Football
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Forsyth County News
At long last, the time is nigh!
Spirits soaring, feelings high.
Happy days are here again —
College football’s back, my friend!

Paul Johnson: Hip, hip, hooray!
At last, the Dawgs he did slay.
Can Tech win with his flexbone?
Listen to opponents moan!

Jonathan Dwyer? Yes, he’s back.
Leading the Jacket ground attack.
Conference Player of the Year;
Is a Heisman campaign near?

With starters back (seventeen)
Tech should be a win machine.
Might be the conference’s best
If they pass their Hokie test.

The Dawgs aren’t ranked Number One;
Maybe now they’ll have more fun.
Summer arrests?  None to see.
Fall might be penalty free.

Matt and Knowshon now are pros,
But Dawgs won’t have scoring woes.
Joe Cox?  The system he knows,
And A. J. Green grabs his throws.

But defense!  Ay, there’s the rub!
That’s the unit foes might drub.
If defense makes Dawgs be beat,
Coach Willie rides the hot seat.

Urban’s legend grows and grows;
Why can’t he go try the pros?
Watch his Gators do the stomp;
Dare not venture to The Swamp.

Evil Genius, where’ve you gone?
Where now is your magic wand?
This ‘Cock team they thought you’d fix;
But each year, you’re losing six.

Lane Kiffin, with foot in mouth,
Riled Vol foes throughout the South.
Expect to hear shrieks of glee:
“Welcome to the SEC!”

UK’s Rich Brooks still survives.
This Wildcat sure has nine lives!
Vandy finally won a bowl!
First since ‘55, we’re told.

Alabama’s rolling back;
Saint Nick Saban, he’s no hack.
Really, though, we want to know
What about that Sugar Bowl?

Auburn said, “Goodbye, coach T;”
Made opponents shout with glee.
With Chizik on Auburn’s side,
Rivals see an easy ride.

Lots of hype surrounds Ole Miss.
Houston Nutt no one should dis.
Can his Rebels make a stand?
Finally reach the Promised Land?

Les is more at LSU,
Especially with Tech in view.
With John Chavis coaching “D”
How much better will they be?

VA Tech’s a team all should fear.
They win 10 games every year.
Two big games are in Atlanta;
Win, and there’ll be title banter.

Can FSU make it back?
Hurricanes, Heels, or The Pack?
Does Wake Forest start to slip?
Alas, poor Duke, we’ll just skip.

What about the Little East?
Of the big leagues, they’re the least.
If you’re anti-BCS
Look — this conference is a mess.

Hey, Joe Pa!  It’s our desire
That you never will retire.
Lions again breathing fire,
Even raised the Buckeyes ire.

Ohio State, whoop-de-doo!
Every bowl’s too much for you.
So rumble through your Big Ten.
On New Year’s Day, lose again.
O, Wolverines!  Maize and blue!
How the faithful weep for you!
An awful start for coach Rod.
And now, practice schedule fraud?

Texas eyes, coach Mack Brown knows,
Can pierce like thorns of a rose.
But Longhorn fans, mighty loyal,
Now place Brown near coach Royal.

The Sooners of “Big Game” Bob
Wonder: Can they do the job?
A big bowl game: can they win?
Find a foe from the Big Ten!

Of  Southern Cal, we must say
They don’t always come to play.
An upset mars every fall.
Will they ever win them all?

How about the Quack Attack?
Ducks could challenge in the Pac.
But sadly, don’t those wild unis
Make ‘em look like real loonies?

All together, shout it out.
Let there be no ounce of doubt.
Loudly, team and colors tout.
Hey — that’s what it’s all about!

When not practicing his avocation, Denton Ashway practices his vocation with the law firm of Ashway and Haldi in Cumming.