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SOFTBALL PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Savannah Huffstetler, Lambert
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Lambert senior shortstop Savannah Huffstetler hit .488 with a county-best 11 home runs and 32 runs batted in to earn Forsyth County News softball Player of the Year honors. - photo by Micah Green

Just how dominant was Forsyth County News softball Player of the Year Savannah Huffstetler in 2014?

The Lambert senior shortstop was disappointed to fall one hit shy of a .500 batting average. She hit 11 home runs. How many home runs did every other team in Forsyth County combine to hit? Eleven.

South Forsyth coach Ronnie Davis said the Tennessee signee was the most fearsome player in Region 6, they type of hitter who could change a game with every at-bat.

Huffstetler led the county in home runs and RBIs (32) and was second to Forsyth Central’s Lexi Bump in batting average (.488). Lambert coach Brooks Youngblood moved Huffstetler, usually his No. 3 hitter, to leadoff when Maddie Butz was lost for the season to hip surgery, and she kept on hitting.

Perhaps the best way to sum up Huffstetler is as such: if a stranger was to show up at a Lambert softball game, knowing nothing about the players on the field, it would only take said stranger a few innings to figure out who was the best one out there.

Question: How would you describe your season?

Huffstetler: “We started off strong. We had a lot of freshmen playing and they all acted like they weren’t freshmen. We were run-ruling just about everyone. The second time through the region, we were a totally different team—couldn’t hit, couldn’t catch. Towards the end, we picked it back up.”

Q: What were your expectations for this year?

Huffstetler: “We thought we could go to the Elite Eight based on what we did early in the year. We thought we were really good and had a chance.”

Q: What were your personal goals for this season?

Huffstetler: “I wanted to go to the Elite Eight with the team, and I wanted to be looked at as the most threatening player in the region. I think I accomplished that. I definitely hit for more power this season as opposed to last year. I was hitting the ball harder and even if I was making outs, I usually still hit the ball hard. Defensively, I’m never going to be good enough because you’re never going to be perfect there.”

Q: What was your favorite moment from this season?

Huffstetler: “Run-ruling South was pretty fun. We’d never done that before. They always beat us in the past, but everyone played so well in that game.”

Q: What was your biggest challenge?

Huffstetler: “We had so many new people with girls coming up from junior varsity and four or five freshmen playing consistently on varsity. It was basically a whole new team. It was tough to get everyone working together.”

Q: How did everything with Tennessee come together?

Huffstetler: “I went up for a camp there my sophomore year and did well enough to get invited back up for an unofficial visit on a football game weekend. I didn’t get offered there and went back to camp in the winter, got offered and committed on the spot. The coaching staff, the facilities, everything is top-notch. They’re always nationally-ranked, and I want to win.”