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Lamberts boys lacrosse team made another deep run in the state tournament coming up just short of winning its third straight state championship. - photo by File photo

How audacious of Lambert athletics – to be only four years old and yet have seven state championships and a top-5 finish in Class 6A in the Georgia Athletic Directors Association’s Director’s Cup this past season.

Yes, call the 2012-13 season a breakthrough of sorts for the Longhorn program. The school won state titles in girls golf, cheerleading, gymnastics and girls swimming and diving. Sixteen teams either qualified or had individuals qualify for the state tournament.

"With a region as good as ours," Ferrer said, "that really stood out seeing our teams do so well."

Ferrer spoke with Forsyth County News sports editor Brian Paglia about the Longhorns’ successful season, making a quick transition to Class 6A and how winning state titles impacts a school:

So, same question I’ve asked every AD so far – how pleased are you with your athletic department this school year

"Our coaches do a phenomenal job. We’ve got some great coaches. They did a good job getting our athletes to compete at the [Class] 6A level and getting them motivated. The kids worked hard. I’m real happy with the way things went."

What stands out to you the most this season?

"The Director’s Cup. Our school won Region [6-AAAAAA] and finished fourth in [Class 6A]. That’s a really good benchmark for how our teams are doing in the state. With a region as good as ours that really stood out and seeing our teams do so well. That was neat to see."

What were the biggest challenges?

"Four years ago we started as a [Class] 3A school. To see us grow that quickly and jump to 6A in just three years to me is a big deal. That’s a big jump. Our kids had to prepare for that with extra training, time, weight training. To see us to do that was pretty special."

How do you think everyone responded to the quick jump?

"The preparation and the amount of work coaches and players did, I was real pleased. It’s something to grow on. We’ve got a good starting point now. We’re got to continue to improve and compete and prepare."

You had four state champions this season. What kind of impact can that have for the school?

"I think what it does is it gets our other teams excited to see them doing well and motivates them. They want to win championships, win rings. As a school we’ve won seven state titles [since we’ve opened]. It fuels and drives other programs to do the same thing. It just makes everyone else want that as well."

What about your community support?

"It‘s an outstanding community. It’s a great group of people. We’ve really been able to mobilize it. The school spirit has been outstanding. Parents are just phenomenal. It’s such a close-knit group. The school’s in the center of a bunch of neighborhoods, and I think we’ve been able to capitalize on that."

What’s in store for next season?

"I think every year … we’re all striving to be the best at what we do. When we look at it every year, all our coaches are trying to win region championships, trying to compete and go to the playoffs and do well. We’re always trying to sustain. We had a really good first year in 6A. The goal is to keep it rolling, to sustain and repeat and continue to do well and not just be satisfied."