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THE GRIND: Lambert's Moellering is taking charge of Horns volleyball team
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You have to be social, vocal, that person who likes to be around people, Lambert junior libero Jordyn Moellering said about playing her position.

In her free time, Jordyn Moellering does whatever she can to be around others, whether she’s getting involved with her small group at church or talking her teammates into hanging out after school. She prides herself on being a communicator.

That’s part of the reason that Moellering decided in the seventh grade to pick volleyball over soccer as her sport of choice. Although she had grown up playing on the soccer pitch, she discovered that volleyball likened more to her personality—it’s a sport that requires constant communication, proximity and quick decision making.

“In soccer you’re just too spread out,” Moellering, a junior and leader of the Lambert volleyball team from the libero position, said. “In volleyball everything is just right there.”

Coming from the soccer pitch to the court, Moellering was under-sized to be a primary hitter on the Lady Longhorns’ volleyball team, but what she lacked in specs, she made up for with her personality—one similar to her older sister, Brittyn, who was a senior leader on the team when Jordyn joined as a freshman.

After Brittyn moved on to play at Mercer University, players naturally gravitated to Jordyn. She owned her new role.

“You have to be social, vocal, that person who likes to be around people,” Jordyn said. “I’m with these girls all the time, and then on the weekends we have tournaments. We have a lot of team bonding and you have to have that personality to be with people, for sure.”

As a libero, Jordyn stands out from the crowd—she has to wear a different colored jersey than the other players on her team during matches and is limited to defensive roles.

“The libero controls the back court,” she said. “I play left back on my team, so I kind of just control the defense and get a good pass to the setter. I can see if a set is off, or if a hit is off, or where people need to step to block.”

She’s the eyes on the court, and although all eyes are on her, her position is naturally unselfish. Though, she admits she’s not entirely that type of person.

“I’m very selfish on the court,” she joked. “I want to be there for everything. I want to be in every play.”

As an upperclassman, Moellering hopes 2015 will mean a renaissance for Lambert. The Lady Longhorns have hovered around .500 for the last two years, going 18-24 last season and 24-26 in Moellering’s first year. A large group of experienced players and significant height on the front line gives last season’s all-county and all-region player confidence in her team. So far this season the Longhorns were 3-1 as of press time, with match wins over Milton, Rockdale County and Allatoona.

“This is our year,” Moellering said. “We’ve all come together and are very close. From the beginning we were really young, last year was our year to get used to each other, and this year is where we are really feeling it. I think we’re going to be very good this season.”