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Basketball: South alum Myers embracing new challenges at Samford
Sarah Myers is the Southern Conference Player of the Week after averaging a double-double in the past two games. Photo courtesy Samford University athletics.

Sarah Myers is always looking for a new challenge.

It’s been three years since she graduated South Forsyth, and in her final year as a college basketball player, she can look back on her entire career as an athlete with pride: She was a star with the War Eagles and went on to play at Maryland as a part of one of the best women’s basketball programs in the country.

But after she earned her bachelor’s degree in three years, she didn’t want her playing career to end just yet. After she transferred to Samford for one more season of basketball over the offseason, the 6-foot wing player was given a chance to do something different.

“I got here, and I'm a lot bigger than most of the guards,” Myers said. “We kind of had a couple of girls injured in the preseason at the power forward position, so coach Carley (Kuhns) called me in a meeting and was like, ‘I know you're not familiar with this or anything, but how would you feel if we played you at the post position sometimes, too?’ I was excited about it, actually.

“Anything I can do to help the team win, I'm willing to do. I love getting out of my comfort zone because I think it just helps you grow as a person and a player.”

And in her only season playing at Samford, she’s doing just that. She’s currently averaging 13.7 points and 6.5 rebounds per game for the Bulldogs, and after she’s through with her senior season, she’ll be breaking into a new profession in the sports world that promises to have its own set of trials.

At Maryland, Myers was a role player that mostly played point guard. She saw her most action as a Terrapin during her sophomore year, when she played for 373 minutes, but as a junior, she didn’t see quite as much time on the floor, with only 138 minutes.

She was able to earn enough credits to graduate after three years there, earning a degree in kinesiology. Myers still wanted to play her senior year, though, and going to Samford gave her a chance to be closer to home without having to redshirt.

“I love basketball and I definitely wasn't ready to stop playing,” Myers said. “Leaving Maryland wasn't always in the plan -- I loved it there and I'm glad I'm an alum there and stuff, but once I had that opportunity and I knew I was going to graduate early, I really wanted to get the opportunity to get more time at home and be around my family. I think my family has come to more games already this season than they could in a total year at Maryland. That's been really, really cool to just have the support system closer to you.”

Another reason she chose Samford is the school’s master’s program. She’s studying Higher Education, Law and Compliance, all with the goal of launching a coaching career. It wasn’t a goal she originally had, but she was inspired to go down that path after taking a single coaching class at Maryland.

“I started noticing things I was really interested in,” she said. “I got to pay attention to practice plans and things like that, and I just really got interested in it, and all the behind the scenes that goes into coaching, not just calling plays.”

Her newfound coaching mentality has led to a desire to behave like a coach on the court, and she’s doing all she can to learn from her current coaches, too.

“I go up to them all the time and try to pick their brains about why they're doing this or what they saw on the scout [tape] when they're watching the team we're about to play,” Myers said. “I really got interested in watching film and things like that and picking apart games. It's really fun.”

Before she can turn her full attention to that, though, Myers will continue to play whatever role the Bulldogs need her to, and hopes her team can turn some heads along the way.

“I'm really looking forward to the conference season,” Myers said. “Our non-conference has been brutal but it's been a lot of fun competing with all these good teams. We were picked to be second to last in the conference, and I think we're going to surprise a lot of people.”