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DOT seeks Forsyth County match for facelift to Hwy. 141

SOUTH FORSYTH — Additional funding could be on its way to spruce up a well-traveled south Forsyth corridor.

During a recent work session, the Forsyth County commission voted 5-0 to hold a public hearing Thursday on whether to match funding from the Georgia Department of Transportation for beautification projects along Peachtree Parkway, or Hwy. 141.

“The idea is to try to get matching funds from the county, get it installed and then give it back to GDOT to maintain,” said Commissioner Brian Tam.

The plan would involve the Peachtree Parkway Improvement District, a group of residents and merchants who want to make visual improvements to the 7-mile stretch of parkway.

“The total that they’ve raised: $35,000 from GDOT, $62,000 from businesses and $51,000 from homeowners,” Tam said.

The proposed improvements to medians and right of ways would be handled similarly to those in front of Big Creek Elementary School. Funds also would go toward maintenance.

Tam said the plan could be implemented in the future on other state routes, but that the county would need to fund the parkway just once.

“As you go through it, you can see the long-term plan is not to have a revolving funding from the county every year,” Tam said. “This is about a one-time thing.

“We can visit it again, of course, but this is a one-time request to match what the state is giving toward the project.”

Also as part of the meeting Thursday, a separate public hearing will be held on beautification projects for exit and on-ramps to Ga. 400.