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Former candidate on panel studying health exchanges
Purcell Gary
Gerry Purcell has been named to the Georgia Health Insurance Exchange Advisory Committee. - photo by Submitted


Forsyth County resident Gerry Purcell was recently tapped to serve on the Georgia Health Insurance Exchange Advisory Committee.

The committee is in response to the federal health care law, which requires the establishment of state-run health insurance exchanges by 2014.

The exchanges were designed to lower prices through increased competition. States that do not comply will have an exchange set up at the federal level.

Committee members will be charged with determining whether to establish an exchange.

If one is recommended, they will also be asked to offer input on how to make health insurance more affordable for employers.

They’ll also look at how to reduce cost for individuals and make the exchange a sustainable operation that requires no state funding.

Purcell, who unsuccessfully ran for state insurance commissioner in 2010, said he was honored to have been appointed by Gov. Nathan Deal.

“While the federal government tries to force its will upon the states, Georgia will be looking for ways to construct our own free-market solution to help small businesses afford health insurance,” he said. “We can solve the challenges we face.”

A military veteran, Purcell has an extensive background in business, leadership and insurance.

He will serve on the committee alongside 24 other senators, representatives, agency officials and community members.

The group has until Sept. 15 to submit its preliminary recommendations and until Dec. 15 for final recommendations.